Q: Are you any good then?

A: Oh yes. This is a seriously good band, with professional kit and talented performers


Q: Where do you play?

A: Anywhere for the right deal but mainly within 100mile radius of Southend-on-sea for a single gig. UK wide for 2 or more consecutive nights.


Q: Do you do Charity?

A: Only a limited number of selected gigs. As a rule of thumb, if we contact you, we are up for it. Dont forget though, If you don't ask, you dont get.


Q: Do you bring a PA?

A: Yes. We also bring compact lighting too. But, if you want us to, we are more than happy to use in-house PA and lighting where available.


Q: How long do you play for?

A: We normally do two sets of 45 minutes and 60 minutes, plus an encore or two. Approx 2 hours in total. This is completely tailorable, and can be extended.


Q: How much do you charge?

A: This depends on where you are and what you want, call us to find out


Q: What do you play?

A: Late 70s/early 80s punk,ska, 2tone and new wave stuff.


Q: Punk. You mean lots of safety pins, swearing and spitting, right?

A: Not unless you want it. We just play those songs you forgot that you liked


Q: Do you play private parties/corporate events?

A: Of course. However, you are responsible for licensing.


Q: Do you playMustang Sally

A: No


Q: How do I make a further enquiry or book you?

A: Simply call 07742414205, email fatman@7786.co.uk or PM via our facebook page www.facebook.com/7786punk


Q: Where can I get an idea of what you do?

A: http://youtu.be/ZuKOa7XYvw0


or, at the bottom of our homepage


Q: Are you good looking
A: No we are seriously ugly, but we are here for the music not a fashion show.