The Punk era left a legacy of unparalled music and changed lives. Given the relatively short lifespan of the first wave of Punk, It's impact was phenomenal, and changed the face of music forever.


There are a huge number of fans, old and new, who have never heard many of the songs we play live, other than the odd pub band covering Pretty Vacant.


7786 formed in 2009 from the ashes of one such pub band. Intent on playing the music that shaped their formative years with all the passion and intensity of the original without becoming a pastiche, and, while continuing to be true to themselves.





Covered in Punk. Whether you're a mid 50's ex-punk, a teenager just discovering the delights of everything Punk has to offer, or, just have a fondness for the tunes that changed a nation, this is the album to jog  your memory. Recorded in the time honoured Punk way. No multi layered overdub production techniques here, just good honest rock n roll









Fuck Art .... Dance Taking it's name from a seminal Westwood/McLaren t-shirt, here we have a reflection of the next step in Punk evolution, including some 2Tone, Ska and New Wave. If this doesnt get you dancing, you need new feet



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